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Fleet & Arctic Bounty I'm the Boss Pick-a-Polar Bear

Defenders Hero #1,
Hero #2, & Hero #3
Age of Steam: Southern & Western US

Congratulations to Triassic Terror on being named
Game Magazine's Strategy Game of the Year!
In addition, Fleet was named Runner-Up for Card Game of the Year; Blockers: The Card Game and Salmon Run were both nominated for Family Game of the Year; and Wizard's Brew was nominated for Strategy Game of the Year.

Karesansui Wizard's Brew Salmon Run

Francis Drake
Rococo Railways of North America

The well-known Eagle Games line (History in a Box) attracts players who like strategy and challenge; journey around the world on rails with "Railways of the World" and "Age of Steam" with their multiple expansions. Fans of cooperative and/or fantasy-based games will love "Defenders of the Realm" with its growing collection of expansions. History will come alive in "Through the Ages", "Brass" and "Age of Empires III", now known as "Empires: The Age of Discovery".

The Gryphon Games line (Fast Family Fun) is designed to provide entertainment for the entire family. These engaging light-to-medium weight strategy games encourage multi-age play and adapt well for use in schools (see Knowledge in a Box), libraries and social settings. Most of the Gryphon titles fall into one of our four series.

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