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FRED Distribution: Educator/Librarian Application Form

Thank you for your interest in FRED Distribution's Purchasing Program for Educators and Librarians. We are delighted to have you join the growing community of Librarians, Educators, Schools and Organizations that are choosing games to help achieve their goals. Please complete the application below, so that we can review your application and once approved (you will receive an email within a day or two), your Institution's Purchase Order can be submitted.

When using a Purchase Order (P.O.), it must be signed and approved
by your District/Institution and then you must fax the P.O. to:

FRED Distribution @ 270-259-8835.

1. Create an Account
Please specify your name, account email address, and password information. You will use your email address and the specified password to log into our system, so be sure to remember the values you enter here.
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2. Entity Information
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3. Additional Information or Comments
Do you currently use games in your programs?
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      Game check-out?
      Make games available to patrons in library?
      Games as part of curricula?
      Games used when assignments are complete?
      After-school game groups?
Where do you usually purchase games?
      Online (where?):
      Store (type?):
      Catalog (name?):
How often do you purchase games?
On average, how many games do you purchase in a year?
Preferred method of payment:
Would you like our help forming a game group?
Would you be interested in a presentation on the use of games in education for your next workshop or conference?
Additional Comments?

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